Welcome to Our New Registration System

We have adopted this system to make class and account management as simple as possible for our students, instructors, and management. If you have any suggestions, questions, or something isn't working properly please Email Us. This system is fairly new to us and we're working out the details.

This is so the instructor knows who to expect on any given day, so she plan the class activities appropriately, so we don't have too many students show up, and so we can get a hold of students if the instructor is ill or there are any changes to the class.

Also, we now have had to change our site so you must also pay when you register online. We didn't do this at first, but too many new students were adding memberships, reserving class times, and never showing up for classes. If you do not want to pay online, please call or email and we can make other arrangements, but you have to promise that you'll come to class.  ^_^

There are currently 2 options for class payment
A: Drop-in: used mostly by our brand new students who want to try a single class before committing to a membership package, but some students choose to continue using drop-ins throughout their time here.
B: Membership: A certain number of classes for a set-price. The number of classes are good for 6 months from date of purchase. For example: 6 classes of level I pole is $100. You can come to ANY level I pole class. Some memberships are good for multiple kinds of classes. Hoop Dance, Belly Dance, and Burlesque are all the same price for 6 classes, so you can use that membership for any of those classes.

View Our YouTube Videos on how to use this Registration System

Other Notes
  • You can register for classes 120 days from today's date or up to the last minute before class starts. If you need to cancel your reservation you can cancel without losing the class credit up to 4 hours before class.
  • If you ever need to know what classes you've signed up for (so you don't forget to come to class!) just log into your account where you can view your personal class list, attendance history, and payment history. You will also receive an email notification 24 hours before any classes you have signed up for as a reminder.
  • We prefer that everything is done online and use one of the number one credit card processors online (authorize.net).
    However, if you do not want to pay online, please email or call so we can add you to the class roster.
Please Email Us or call 440.941.7653 with any questions.

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