Burlesque Private Lesson

For the stage or for one-on-one at home, a private burlesque lesson will help you get ready to perform. Help with choreography, prop work, act polishing, character development.
Burlesque privates are also available for helping you develop a private striptease routine for wedding nights, anniversaries, birthdays, or just because you want to do something sexy for your partner.


Holiday Pin-up Photoshoot

Give a steamy gift this Holiday Season. Your own private photo session on Sunday, December 3rd, with hair & makeup assistance, and help posing to show your best assets! Any style you want: boudoir, pin-up, artistic nude, only your imagination is the limit.


Aerial Hoop / Lyra / Cerceau Private Lesson

Aerial hoop also known as Lyra or Cerceau is a circular metal apparatus that suspends from the ceiling. The hoop provides a way to take dance and fitness to the air! It opens the door to a whole new and exciting world of dance, fitness and circus movements. Tricks on the hoop can range greatly from static to spinning to swinging and also from tricks under the hoop to inside the hoop and even on top of the hoop. Lyra provides a fantastic whole body workout. A one hour class will workout all the major muscles, legs, arms, and core.


Pole Private Lesson

Pole Private lessons for Any Level!
Whether you are just starting out and want a completely private initial experience before taking your first public class, you're trying to get a nemesis trick, or you are looking to polish your form, this is the private lesson for all pole.
We will contact you before your scheduled lesson to see what your goals are.
If you are looking for competition coaching, please see that page on the website for details.


Massage for Aerialists & Dancers

We now offer 1 hour massages for dancers, polers, and other aerialists. There's no one better to understand the unique challenges to the dancer's or poler's body than another dancer. Massage is done by Roxi, who has been practicing massage for more than 10 years.


Make-up Tutorial & Styling Private Lesson

This highly customizable session will help you elevate your makeup application skills. Looking to take your look from day to night, preparing for a photoshoot or performance, or want to explore new makeup trends but don't know where to begin? We'll work with you to create your very own one-on-one makeup workshop tailored to fit your needs.


Belly Dance Private Lesson